BROMARINE NAKLİYAT VE TİCARET CO LTD.  is an international freight company in BROMARINE with a variety of freight solutions. Our chartering staff has more than 10 years experience in the market and is actively involved and specialized in dry cargo market. Using an extensive network of industry contacts, BROMARINE Ltd provide clients with competitive ship broking services for dry cargo market which encompasses:

• Advise to develop and refine a chartering strategy

• Locating and estimating the best employment opportunity for any particular vessel

• Finding the right vessel or vessels to suite a specific chartering requirement

• Negotiation and support to finalize charter party contracts

• Instructing the vessel Master in respect of the charter party terms

• Appointment and ongoing liaison with port agents

• Vessel monitoring to ensure adherence to charter party terms

• Full post-fixture and account tracking

• Demurrage/despatch calculations

• Full voyage results reporting and analysis

• Business development support

Chartering services are provided from BROMARINE offices in Kocaeli. Post fixture services from Kocaeli

Our main services are freight direct cargoes and fleet within the Continent, Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara, Black and Azov Seas regions including Russian rivers, which involves any size of cargo from 100 up to 20.000 tons include steel products, scrap, coal, grain, fertilizer, logs, timber and etc .

We are also very active in the competitive dry cargo tramp spot market, providing our principals with good alternatives. We have close relations with local, Russian, Ukraine and many other ship owners, charterers or their direct brokers. Our chartering team regularly follows up the latest developments in the international shipping market and we can recommend the most appropriate employment for dry cargo vessels and the most suitable vessels for direct cargoes.

Also we could help you to find or give your vessel for time-charter or bareboat charter. We got contacts with well-known 1st class charterers and ship-owners.

Working with our quality procedures, we continue to strive and improve our already high quality service, working better and more efficiently for the benefit of both our small and larger customers.


Our staff is experienced, forward looking, active professionals and we offer a wide range of solutions intent to protecting your best interests in the ports. 

We have good relations with the all local authorities enables to us provide professional and smooth transit service for vessels passing turkish straits. You can expect prompt vessel updates, cargo availability and terminal condition reports from us.

BRO MARINE (kocaeli) 24/7 services consist of the following:

- Shipping agency services at all turkish ports & transit clearance through straits

- Cargo attendance service

- Prompt berthing, customs, immigration, port health formalities 

- Ship's supply services (provision, freshwater, bonded stores etc.)

- Bunkers & lubricants supply

- Technical supply

- Repairs & dry-docks services

- Hull, deck, fuel and engine survey support

- Garbage & waste oil disposal services

- Diver services

- Crew changing 

- Crew luggage handling

- Medical assistance for crew

- Cash to master service

- Spare parts handling

- Cargo survey, supervision

- B/L arrangements 

- Protecting agency

- Tug assistance while turkish straits passing

- Advisory in legal matters

- Insurance

- Constant notices to owners regarding their vessels position, cargo readiness 

Our experience give us possibility to minimize the operating expenses and time for our clients.



The Turkish Straits are international waters with unconditional passage for commercial vessels. Because of increased tonnages and ship lengths, maneuvering in the straits now requires additional rules and regulations. The maximum tanker length for passage is regulated by IMO.

BROMARINE AGENCY SERVICES can accommodate the all tonnage through the straits. Over the past few years, BROMARINE AGENCY SERVICES has communicated with Authorities give us punctual and correct information. Our offices at Dardanelles and Bosporus follow all ships’ movements concurrently to avoid an unanticipated situation so particularly affects charterers and owners.

Our main asset is correct and punctual action. We always keep ships safe and alert for a smooth passage.Few transit locations in the world compare with the Turkish Straits, where almost all shipping needs can be provided. such as crew changes, cash and document delivery, spare parts, class and surveyor attendance and, most importantly, bunker and all kinds of supplies.

While focusing on safety and rapid passage, all these additional services can be provided directly to masters, owners and charterers.