“Who are we”

BRO(ther) MARINE Global Services Co. Ltd. has been established as shipping acency in 2017. Then started to serve as a owner in 2018. We are constantly expanding and improving our fleet to meet the changing market and consumer needs. Today, our fleet is one of the most exclusive and independent small-sized fleets in the domestic waters. Our 3 vessels are all double-hulled and meet the highest standard demands.

We are proud to offer the most reliable and transparent around-the-clock service to our customers on a worldwide basis.


Shipowner is a candidate for imo cargoes transportation black med. sea voyage.


We declare to provide the most suitable service by analyzing the strict market conditions and competitive market with our experienced brokers.


Ship agency commits to provide the fastest most efficient and most convenient service.

“Wherever you want us”

We look to the future with confidence the principles in the blades of our propeller.