The Gulf of Izmit is an area is heavily populated with several industrial plants. These include ship-building yards, factories, storage tanks for chemical industries, paper mills and oil refineries.
Most, industrial companies at the Gulf of Izmit have own berth facilities, built for importing and/or exporting products. These private berth facilities offers their facilities to third parties too.

The ships berthed to private piers usually have to utilize their own gear for loading and discharging. Mobile cranes can be hired privately to load/discarge gearless vessels up to 400 Tons SWL.
Most of the private piers stevedoring services through private contractor.

PILOTAGE : is compulsory for vessels entering or leaving the ports and through the Izmit Gulf. Call Dekas or Yarimca Pilot on VHF channels 12, 16 three hours before arrival at Darica for through the port. Pilot Boarding Point which is Lat. 40 deg 44′ 89″ N and Long. 029 deg 22′ 66″ E.

Pilotage and tugging services in Izmit Gulf are provided by Dekas Private Pilotage&Tugging company

There are two pilot stations at Izmit bay.

a) Dekas Pilot for berths in Izmit bay .
(In the Gulf of Izmit , a new pilotage company, owned and managed by Pilots, Deniz Kilavuzluk A.S. has been giving pilotage and tug services, with his partner Medmarine Towage & Escort Ltd. Since June 1996.)

TOWAGE: is provided by the Medmarine , Safi port Derince & Tupras and mooring boat arranged by pilot.(depending on weather and having regard for safety conditions, additional tugs may be requested.)


Call Name : DEKAS Pilot
Position : Lat. 40 deg. 45′ 20″ N., Long. 29 deg. 23′ 18″ E
Telephone : (90- 262) 745 43 12 – 745 06 00
Fax : (90-262) 745 42 03
VHF Band : Ch. 16, 12
Working Hours : 24 hours



Call Name : YARICMA Pilot
Position : Lat. 40 deg. 46′ 26″ N., Long. 29 deg. 44′ 00″ E
Telephone : (90- 262) 528 33 00 – 528 79 03
Fax : (90-262) 528 53 72
VHF Band : Ch. 16, 12
Working Hours : 24 hours



Call Name : Derince Pilot
Position : Lat.
Telephone : (90- 262) 223 15 40
Fax : (90-262) 223 42 78
VHF Band : Ch. 16, 12
Working Hours : 24 hours


IZMIT BAY ANCHORAGE AREAS; (Information on best location of anchorage will be given by Pilot station)

A- Anchorage area for passenger and general cargo vessels at Darica / Eskihisar
Lat. 40ø 45′.55N, Long. 029ø 26′.54″E

B- Anchorage area for dangerous cargo vessels at Yarimca
Lat. 40ø 44′.54″ N, Long. 029ø 43′.50″ E
Lat. 40ø 46′.15″ N, Long. 029ø 43′.50″ E

C- Anchorage area for passenger and general cargo vessels at Izmit
Lat. 40ø 43′.56″ N, Long. 029ø 53′.69″ E

PILOT LADDER: will be prepared on vessel’s starboard side. If your vessel’s freeboard exceeds more than 5 meters, please prepare a combination ladder.

DOCUMENTS AND GENERAL VIEWS: please see “A General View of Turkish Ports” and ” Marmara Region” in the Ports of Turkey section.